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Best/easiest way to remove steel tub from in very small bath. INTENT on saving alcove walls

 One piece removal not option. Which one would be faster/easier/safest  way to remove tub?  Will be replaced with  shower.( BYTY I'm 60 female married 27 yr and do my own work,this might be my last fun thing BUT I hope not!)a. Have grinder & wheels/Saw and blades! 

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Posted 2012-12-12T16:09:24+0000  by tryinghard tryinghard




Just curious as to why it is not possible to remove the tub intact? If you are building a shower, the walls will generally not be salvageable. If the walls are removed to the studs, the tub will swing out. Surprisingly, steel tubs are not that heavy. Years ago when I removed a steel tub from my house, I was able to carry it out by myself. Granted, I was a middle aged man in good shape back then.


Over the years, I have found that trying to save old structures is often far more work than just removing everything and starting over. The result is that you end up with brand new structures without having to compromise.


I might point out that there are shower bases available with the drain opening placed  where a standard bathtub drain would be. This saves considerable labor in having to  rerouting plumbing lines.

Posted 2012-12-13T03:46:55+0000  by ordjen

Hey TryingHard!


Thanks for joining The Community.


Sounds like you belong here, "I do my own work ..."


You're likely and welcome to share solutions you've found over the years!


DeWalt 18-volt Sawzall.jpg 

If I had just one tool to remove anything from a home, it would be my Sawzall.



Diablo Steel Demolition Sawzall Blade.jpg 

The blade I would use for your job would be Diablo Demon Demolition Blade


And, since the tool is 18-volt, I would make certain to have several charged batteries on-hand.


Safety gear would include face shield or goggles, leather gloves, and long pants and shirt.


Common sense is actually your best safety tool.


Have your fire extinguisher on-hand as well.


Section the tub after shutting off the water supply and detaching the drain.


If you're lucky, two large pieces will suffice; be prepared to section further.


And finally, make certain you are fully committed to removal before you begin.


Most DIYers might not attempt this project! It is certainly a ten on the scale of difficulty where ten is most difficult.


PERSONAL NOTE: I rely heavily on my sawzall! I could literally level an old barn, or even a homesite with this one tool. Keep your hands on the grip for both safety and better cutting. And follow the instructions given me by my crafty Dad, "Allow the saw blade to do the cutting ... do not use force the blade against the surface in an attempt to cut faster."


Thanks Dad!!! Your suggestions are always right on!

Posted 2012-12-13T19:39:47+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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