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Blade teeth

How many teeth should my mitre saw blade have for cutting laminate with attached foam backing

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Posted 2015-07-01T17:12:50+0000  by usfgtd usfgtd
40 teeth should be fine for a 10" blade.  Because the cut end is always hidden, a little chipout doesn't matter.  Do use a blade with carbide tipped teeth.  Laminate flooring is tough on blades!

Freud's Diablo line has a 10 tooth, 10" blade specifically for cutting Pergo brand laminate and I would assume it would work with other brands as well.
Posted 2015-07-01T18:39:39+0000  by Adam444

Hello usfgtd, and welcome to the community!

The previous post from Adam444 hit the nail head!! The blades he is referring to are the Diablo Polycrystalline-Diamond (PCD) Tipped Ultimate Flooring Blades. 

Diablo’s New PCD Tooth PergoBlades are the first blades specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring in a chop saw application. This radical new design delivers 75 times the cutting performance compared to a carbide-tipped saw blade. This blade is the only approved blade by the Pergo brand for cutting their material.

  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tooth with unique tooth geometry delivers unmatched cutting life
  • Hi-tech anti-kickback design re-enforces the tooth for longer life
  • Laser-cut Anti-vibration design reduces vibration and stabilize blade

Check out this video from Diablo>

The blades come in 3 different sizes:

    1. 12 in. x 16-Tooth--Model # D1216LF
    2. 10 in. x 12-Tooth--Model # D1012LF
    3. 7-1/4 in. x 8 Tooth-Model # D0708LF

    Posted 2015-07-02T14:16:11+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
    Pergo blade is one very expensive blade. Its $165 at Home Depot..

    Thanks for answering my question
    Posted 2015-07-02T16:04:36+0000  by usfgtd
    I didn't read the details of the Pergo specific blade.   While I'm sure it lasts much longer than carbide tipped blade, it's probably something for pros who cut laminate all the time.

    A 40 tooth carbide blade will be just fine.  If you want to spend more money, Freud's Industrial line of blades are far more durable than their Diablo line.
    Posted 2015-07-04T01:20:47+0000  by Adam444
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