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Blocking holes in terra cotta pots

In reference to the hanging herb garden project shown on Home Depot's site, what solutions are there to create this indoors however deal with the holes in the bottom of the terra cotta pots to eliminate the mess of soil and water drainage?
*See the link for the project I'm talking about below...
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Posted 2017-09-04T15:30:55+0000  by CKC CKC

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Greetings CKC,

Yes terracotta and clay planters and pots are great for growing plants they thrive because the pots are porous and allow natural evaporation, and air can filter through as well; terracotta planters are perfect for outdoor growing…they are a bit more challenging on the inside of the house. Because the pots and saucers are porous you must be cautious on where they are placed, wooden tables must be guarded, because the moisture can seep right through the surface of pot and saucer; cork trivets work well for this.


The herb planter project is great, but you are right it may be a bit messy for inside growing. You can plug the holes in the pots with a cork, or line the bottom half of the pot with a plastic bag that is waterproof before adding soil, you will just have to be careful when watering for overflow and spillage.

This six-inch diameter pot has a built in saucer that stays put even if suspended; but once again, you must monitor the amount of water to avoided overflow. The six-inch pot would allow for more growing space, but the pot would sit higher in the four-inch diameter hole cut in the board. It will still work; you can adjust the knots to allow for more growing headroom.


Growing herbs inside is great, being able to trim and add fresh herbs to recipes and salads is wonderful and nutritious, nothing adds flavor like fresh harvested herbs!


You can plug the pots, or improvise with plastic bag or use a different size pot.…we would love to see how your project turns out!

Show us some pictures, Maureen  

Posted 2017-09-05T15:39:35+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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