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Book Scanning Set UP

I'm attempting to make a folding platen for my scanner. I need it to be transparent and heavy enough to hold open a large book. I would need each sheet to be 8.5x11. I want full visibility of the pages so I would need the smallest hinge possible.

I have been considering acrylic, vinyl, or glass for the material.

Vinyl: I don't know how well it would hold open the book or whether there would be wrinkles. Would it fold into the valley of the open book or just lay over it?

Glass: I'll be transporting this on an international flight in my baggage so glass is liable to break. 

Acrylic: I don't know if I could drill a hole into the material and make a hinge out of it. 

Thoughts? Any input is welcome!

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Posted 2016-10-09T14:21:16+0000  by kuchiki977 kuchiki977
Apparently there are acrylic hinges.  Check out a company called U.S. Plastic Corp.  I know nothing about the company and have no affiliation with them but if one company has plastic hinges, probably so do a few others.  What looks promising for you is what they call a "live hinge."  I would think you could have two pieces of acrylic (or polycabonate) of the appropriate size and thickness (3/16") and slip them into the hinge as needed.  They also have a plastic piano hinge but since you'd have to glue it in place, the glue might obscure too much of the center of the page.

If you decide to fabricate something with acrylic, understand that it is very brittle.  If you cut or drill it, make sure it is well supported.  I've had it happen that when drilling it with an ordinary twist drill bit, the acrylic "climbed" right up the drill bit and cracked.  Polycarbonate (e.g., Lexan) is much more forgiving and doesn't break.
Posted 2016-10-10T20:08:12+0000  by Adam444
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