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I need to build a book case that's about two feet deep and five feet high and four feet long I'm not sure if that's the way to put it but anyways what material do I use for the backing and what type of wood for the shelves and side
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Posted 2011-08-26T14:02:14+0000  by Nickel1234 Nickel1234

Hey there Nickel1234,


Cool project!~ Going based on your dimensions, you're looking for something sort of like this?




There are a few different styles of wood that you can use to create it. It all just hinges on how you want it to look and if it needs to be done inexpensively. I had another user ask about what types of wood to use for a bookshelf and media center before, so I'm going to quote out what I said to them and hopefully it's helpful to you too =)


Hardwoods such as maple or cherry make for great materials when building your own shelving units. They provide great finishes and add to the look of most any room. They're also great to use for shelves that are lengthy and need to hold quite a bit of weight.

Plywood is also another good alternative if you can't find the right type of wood to finish it. Typically you'd want to find a finished plywood so that it gives a more complete look. Also, adding trimwork to finish where the edges are helps as well.
Particle Board and MDF are also choices if you are on a budget, as both have relatively good tensile strength at a low cost to you.


As for the backing of the shelves, I've used both thin hardboard or tileboard. They're lightweight so you don't add too much to the weight of the shelf, and I've found they give either a sleek white backing or a unique tile design that adds a little character to the back of the shelf. I nailed them in to the wood from the back and they looked really cool when they were finished. Aside from those, any thin and low profile sheeting will work just well too = )


Hope this helps you out and get's you started on the project!~ Let us know how it turns out and post up some pictures of the final product if you can too!

Posted 2011-08-26T14:37:14+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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