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Bookshelf `

IM starting on a new project and it is a bookshelf with 25 small cubicles but I wanted to know what is the best material to use so its stable and sturdy. Such as the back piece and the general sides of it. I just need the material to have an idea of what I need to get at the store

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Posted 2012-01-28T23:06:20+0000  by franky55909 franky55909

Hello again franky55909 thanks for getting back with some dimensions as that a lot. By the information you gave it looks like you’ll end up with a 5x5 grid of cubes.


Bookcase doodle

Sorry about the drawing someone decided to "borrow" all my rulers :/


With such a large number of shelves melamine board is a good candidate. Melamine (white laminate layer on particle board) is the wood material you’ll often see things like pantry’s, laundry, and garage cabinetry made.


Melamine 4'x8' sheet


The other great benefit to using melamine is the fact that in addition to 4’x8’ sheets, it also comes in precut sections perfect for shelving. This includes various depths, lengths, and even pieces pre-drilled with peg hole shelf supports. If you’re not a fan of the white of melamine it can be primed and painted but not stained. Hope this helps and get back to us if you have any other questions.




Best Answer

Posted 2012-01-30T19:35:24+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hi franky55909 nice to see you starting a new project.


Since this is going to be a piece that will be out in the open I’d say going with a nicer grade of wood like birch, red oak, or sandeply would do nicely.


Birch Red Oak Sandeply


I don’t know the look or construction details you’re going for but in general building the outer most (top, sides, base) sections using ¾” thick will give you a strong frame to build from. The back section is more or less up to your discretion. Using something light a ¼” thick sheet of luan will help to bind the book shelf together, keep things square, and help keep weight down. For the shelving itself you may be fine using ½” if your design allows for it.


Using a higher grade of wood will save you a bit of finishing work and give you a nice texture on which to paint or stain.  For the showing edges applying either veneer strips or a nice molding is the way to go. I hope this helps.




Posted 2012-01-29T17:08:30+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Its going to be 92 inches high and 45 inches in length across with only having shelves 41 inches from the top to the middle and the rest of 51 inches will be empty for me to add a chair. And the cubicles will need to be the inches deep and 9 inches long and 8 inches high. With these dimensions what material would be best other than the ones you already gave me 

Posted 2012-01-30T02:32:50+0000  by franky55909
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