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Boston Plant of the Week: The Dogwood Tree


I agree with Ingar for plant of the week:The Dogwood Tree. 

The Dogwood to me is a simply magnificent tree. The branches spread wide and low, but not imposing at all. The flowers, of the Dogwood are lovely, and simple, but also proper and stately. The shades of the blossoms are from deep, dark pink, to the softest whisper of a pink blush, from the creamiest white to purest of a snow white hue.  Simply elegant!!


I have always been drawn to the Dogwood tree, maybe it is because the flowers emerge from the branching before it totally leafs out.  Maybe it’s because the tree thrives under a canopy of larger, more aggressive trees and still shines through!! 

Legend has it that in biblical times, the Dogwood grew mighty like the oak, with massive limbs and enormous in height.  Because of strength and enormity the Dogwood was use for the construction of the cross on which Christ was crucified.

This event, it is said, proved to burden the Dogwood tree from that point on:  The tree limbs grew thinner and they spread wide and hung low……heavy with sorrow. The flowers of the tree have only four petals…….the sign of the cross. The tips of the white Dogwood flower are tinged with red, a representation of the spilling of Christ’s blood.

The Dogwood tree after it flowers, just remains silent, in the shadows of bigger grander trees, or in the front yards of many a home, as if paying penance.



 I marvel at this lovely tree, stop by your local Home Depot….look for a Dogwood tree for your landscape, you too will grow to love this tree!

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Posted 2013-05-14T13:21:56+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS


Do you love impatiens but don’t have any shade? Try “Sun Vinca”, Catharanthus

roseus. It is a great annual summer flower that loves hot locations near buildings or

pavement. It also attracts butterflies to the garden. Use in hanging baskets too!




It grows into a mound 12 “ high. It can take full sun (6 hours/day) or part shade

and needs moderate water (1-2 times/week).



Posted 2013-05-16T18:19:34+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI
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