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Bought 2 Windward IV 52 INCH FANS. Problem with fan speed on 2nd fan,

I bought and installed 2 Windward IV fans. 


The 1st one is fine.  The 2nd one does not go to a high speed.  I read that I should put fan on high before installing, however I did not.  A second item that was different.  The first room had a complete box with wires and the second one had a different pattern of wires.  Unsure if this can be problem. 


I need assistance getting 2nd fan to go in high speed.  I tried turning breaker off and took out batteries out of remote and start again; this did not work. 


PLEASE HELP.......954.465.9880



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Posted 2013-05-22T16:58:45+0000  by MikeA MikeA

Hi, MikeA.

I think we can resolve this for you pretty easily, actually. The capacitor controls the fan speed, so I believe you just need a new one for the fan that isn't going on high.

We would need you to get the 12 digit UPC off that fan first so we can verify which tech support team to get you to. I've attached a picture of where you can find the UPC. Once you find it, you our Hampton Bay Customer Care team (877-527-0313) can get you over to the tech support team or you can email the UPC to me at the email below & I'll reply with the phone number to the tech support team.


Posted 2013-05-23T14:14:26+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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