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Bracket or Toenail...or?

So for my project, I have to solve the problem of how to effectively attach a 2 x 4 to a 4 x 4 post. The ends of the 2 x 4 will rest on the the sides of two 4x4 posts that are set in dirt at an appropriate length. After doing so research, I found my options are to screw the 2x4 to the 4x4 with a right-angle bracket, to toenail it in, or to cut a groove into the 4x4 post, which I probably won't do.


Any advantages or disadvantages to toenailing or bracketing, or any other options are appreciated.

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Posted 2011-08-20T05:42:55+0000  by PlaCom PlaCom

Hi there again


From my experience toe nailing works better with the vertical applications. Nail it’s usually driven on the angle and its main purpose is to keep that vertical member from "walking" around. What holds framing in place is the sheathing (plywood), drywall and framing being pinned down by the weight resting on the top plates.


I’m assuming this question is in regards to previously asked”how to build a sign” question.


Unless this horizontal 2x4 is going to support some significant weight I would think that simply screwing in that piece on to the side of the 4x4 is going to work just fine for the sign purpose. To ease out fastening and provide better support cut the 2x4s hair longer than needed and force in so its stays in the place pressed in by the sides of the  4x4s.



Hope this helps.



Posted 2011-08-22T15:01:44+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Simpson makes a Strong-Tie bracket specifically to do just what you want.

If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, Simpson makes a number of brackets that would be commonly used in building fences. Just take a look through the Simpson catalog in your neighborhood THD or view the Simpson Strong-Tie catalog online.

Posted 2011-09-19T10:52:02+0000  by Paul
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