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Moss Appeal: How To Love the Moss Growing in Your Lawn

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After reading the informative post Removing moss from your lawn; I know that the advice written and products suggested will be most helpful to all who seek a solution for the killing and removal of moss in their turf.


Moss, I know can be a nuisance and detraction from a beautiful manicured lawn. That being said, I would just like to take a few lines to praise this rootless vegetation.


Maybe my love for moss started way back, when I was a kid, playing barefoot in my back yard. We didn’t have a meticulously manicured lawn; it was almost bare ground due to the amount of kid-play traffic. It was the summer home field; of our neighborhood whiffle ball games.


There was one section that was always green and lush. A tiny portion, at the foot of a crimson king maple. Moss grew thick in the creases and crevasses around the massive trunk, and exposed chunky root system. I could always count on that spot to be cool, and soft under my toes.


The moss seemed to almost glow when the sunlight trickled through the blowing leaves, of the trees majestic canopy. The moss grew allover, everywhere in that corner of the yard. It covered a small wall that defined the boundaries of our yard and the perfectly manicured, childless, yard next door.


Moss doesn’t need soil to grow it is basically rootless; it thrives in low light, compacted, acidic spots. It grows where nothing else will. I have to say I love it. One of the most breathe taking sights I have ever had the pleasure of seeing was, The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland. The moss there was in all its splendor, highlighting and glowing, outlining the jagged sheer cliffs. It was spectacular.


Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland



Moss covered tree, Killarney National Forest, Ireland.....Beautiful, amazing place!!




Moss is timeless, it can make new things look old, it adds life to inanimate objects. 

You can create your own moss covered walls or pots by following the recipe below:


• 2 cups buttermilk or plain yogurt


• 1.5 cups dried moss (sheet moss will work,) or fresh moss from outside


Using a blender, blend ingredients till creamy; with a small paint brush slather the mixture onto pots. (clay pots, or concrete, stone work best)

Place object in a cool, shaded spot; items may look moldy at first, but in 6 weeks, you will have aged, moss covered, vintage garden accents. Enjoy!



This is a century old wall, with glowing, growing, beautiful moss…Boston, Ma.


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