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Brown tips on my border grass.

My variegated lariappe border grass has burnt tips on just about every blade.  There is new growth coming up in the middle of the clumps, but the older blades look terrible with these brown tips.  The grass is pretty thick.  What causes this in this type grass border? 

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Posted 2012-07-05T19:54:54+0000  by taroze taroze

Howdy Taroze,


Welcome to The Home Depot Community for starters.  Your question about Liorpe "monkey grass" is one I get quite often.

As you might have already discovered,monkey grass is easy to care for; it’s heat and drought tolerant; and it’s extremely hardy, growing in many types of soil and surviving under numerous conditions.

The brownish foliage of monkey grass should be cut back prior to new growth, usually in late February or early March. Cutting back this foliage not only promotes new growth but also helps to rejuvenate the plants.

You can run your lawn mower over the top of the blighted growth to cut off the diseased blades in early spring or late fall.


At the moment I would recommend trimming the Liorope at the tips and using a fungucide like Daconil.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2012-07-06T00:26:37+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Thanks Dave...I will get my string trimmer in action and cut the brown back then use the daconil.  You are right..this stuff is plenty hardy.

Thanks again,


Posted 2012-07-06T02:08:33+0000  by taroze
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