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Bruce laminate flooring

replacing carpet with laminate hardwood flooring. subfloor is 1 x 12 pine sheathing boards with 3/4 particle board underlayment which is in good shape.  Bruce says you can glue the laminate to the particle board and other sites say you can after sealing the PB.  I have crawl space (30") which gets damp from time to time. I tested the PB with a moisture tester and got a range of 11%-16% which I suspect is a little on the high side. I'm thinking that I will seal the PB with acrylic sealer and then cover it with luan and attach it with 1 5/8 screws as to reach the subfloor. Kinda of a PB sandwich. Anyone have suggestions or ideas.( I know I have to deal with the crawl space soon) . Much appreciated
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Posted 2018-08-23T01:41:48+0000  by notoolsloaned notoolsloaned
I would suggest fixing the moisture problem in the crawl space first is probably going to save you a lot of headaches down the line.  Sealing the particle board before applying the adhesive isn't meant to be a moisture barrier but rather to prevent to much of the adhesive being absorbed by the particle board.
Posted 2018-08-23T08:44:51+0000  by Adam444
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