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Bucket-O-Herbs: Herb Workshop

Create an herb garden in a simple, paint bucket, it takes just a few easy steps!

Stop by your local Home Depot and gather a few items:


Select three, 4 inch, Bonnie Peat Potted Herbs plants.

 *Three plants fit perfectly, snuggly into  the paint pail!

Pick up a bag MiracleGro , Natures Care Organic Potting Mix

Grab a Leaktite-5qt. paint pail

Tools needed:

Drill, ¼-inch drill bit


*Added extras if desired: Ribbon, chalkboard tag, chalk pencil


Step 1: Flip over the pail and drill out 4-5 holes for drainage.

Step 2: Scoop 5 cups of potting mix into pail.

Step 3: Cut plastic collar off the peat pot.

Step 4: Pop off the bottom of peat pot and expose the roots of the herb plant.

Step 5: Seat the herbs side by side into the pail, fill the space around the plants with soil,It as simple as that!

Place the bucket in a sunny location and check daily for dryness, water as needed.

Trim and use the herbs for ingredients in recipes and also use as a garnish. Check out the delicious recipes along with aroma therapy, and the extensive uses for herbs in teas on the Bonnie Plant site!

This is a great project to do with a group, it is quick and easy, and everyone loves coming away with a fresh bucket of herbs! 

There is something very therapeutic about working with plants and getting your hands into soil, it is simple, it is basic, and it is fun…naturally.

Plant a bucket of herbs with friends and family...take a lunch hour plant a bucket with workmates, make it an event! Have an herb off,  challenge everyone to dream up  new and delicious recipes using the fresh harvested herbs! The best part of the entire project is spending "thyme" together.....enjoy it all!    

Stop by your local Home Depot, look for the Bonnie Plant racks that are full of fresh, fabulous, herbs and vegetables, select some plants and fill a bucket….the bounty will be simply wonderful!




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