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Build deck over concrete steps

How does one go about building a wood deck over concete front entry steps? The steps are fairly large and tall so it'll probably have to be at least a 10 X 10 deck. Does anyone have any good links, videos, or articles on how to go about doing this?

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Posted 2012-06-07T17:17:02+0000  by AGardner AGardner

Hello AGardner!


This project is made much easier by our friends at Simpson Strong Tie and Hilti.

Simpson Strong Tie 4 x 4 Half Base.jpg     Hilti Kwik Bolt.jpg

Simpson's 4 x 4 Half Base combined with a Hilti Kwik expansion bolt masonry anchors will give you the perfect system to attach to the concrete steps. You'll also need a masonry bit to drill a hole into the concrete. Simply slip the expansion bolt through the hole in the half base and into the concrete, and as you tighten the nut the flange on the bolt will expand to grab the concrete and secure the half base.


Once secure, use the correct height 4 x 4 pressure treated post to begin framing your deck.


You'll also need to secure a "ledger board" onto the house. This acts as the load-carrying support along the side of the house.


 If a crawl space exists, you may be able to secure the ledger from inside the crawl. If not, you'll remove siding, install flashing to ensure water does not enter the building, and secure the ledger board to the exposed studs. After securing the ledger, you'll need to close the siding to prevent weather from entering the building.


If you require post footings in other locations away from the existing concrete steps, you'll simply dig and pour concrete to meet the local code. Most codes require the footings to be poured below the freeze line. Check with your local code enforcement department to determine the correct depth.


Although I am listing this last, you'll want to be certain that your existing concrete is useful as an anchor point first ... before beginning any of the prior steps. Free-floating or fractured concrete will not be a good base for your deck/porch.


Ultimately, you may decide that simply building above the existing steps is safer, better construction technique, and will pass inspection that may be required by local codes. You may also find that the small additional cost to incorporate that old concrete is an equal offset when compared to the cost of digging and pouring new footings.


I've given you several basics for getting started as you requested ... using your existing steps as a support for your project.


Other Community Members will certainly have ideas they wish to share.

Posted 2012-06-07T18:15:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


Building concrete steps isn't an suitable project for the beginning enthusiast to take on. It take experience in mixing and pouring concrete. If built correctly, you'll have a set of steps that is a true work of art and that will last attractive much everlastingly under normal usage.

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Posted 2012-08-10T08:00:39+0000  by albsmith
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