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Build my own shelves

I saw shelves online  that i absolutely loved, but the designer is based in Mexico and is not producing more inventory.

I was hoping to recreate them in different sizes, but don't have any carpentry experience. Is the design easy enough to replicate myself with the help of Home Depot or would i need to go to a carpenter?

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Posted 2011-03-14T22:19:33+0000  by BettyBish BettyBish

Hi BettyBish, I’m Blake from the California Home Depot. I must admit it has been a while since I have flexed any geometry muscles, so I’m a bit sore! I’m afraid that if you don’t have any carpentry experience this is going to be a tough first project to get into. It will require some exact miter cuts that are beyond the capabilities of a normal miter saw. So you would have to fab up a custom miter box with a T Bevel. Or have acess to other specialty woodworking tools. However this would not be a hard project for a carpenter with experience.


To get the angles for the cuts you will need some math, which I would be happy go in depth on if you would like. However a carpenter should be able to figure this out with relative ease. Basically it is a function of the law of exterior angles and the law of interior angles of triangles.


I hope this helps BettyBish, those are very cool shelves thanks for sharing them with us!



Posted 2011-03-15T00:02:27+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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