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Building Bookshelf Speaker Stands

I'm building some bookshelf speaker stands to support my back surround bookshelf speakers.  The design is very simple, but I need to know what kind and how much wood I need for them.  The finished stand will look like an uppercase "i."


The measurements for each piece of the stand are as follows:



Length- 12"




Support Beam










Any help would be greatly appreciated - I have also included a rendered image I created on a computer program of the completed stand.


Bookshelf Speaker Stand

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Posted 2011-10-18T18:10:35+0000  by AVJunkie AVJunkie

Hello AVJunkie.  Welcome to Home Depot’s how-to Community! Thanks for the image, it really helps me to see exactly what shape you want.


As for the kind of wood, this really depends on whether you want to paint these stands or achieve a natural wood finish.  By far the easiest way would be to look at a painted result.  This allows you to buy a 2x4 foot square piece of MDF, (medium density fiberboard), and cut out the 12x12 and 8x8 pieces.  A 2x2 piece would also work if you can find one.




If you were willing to reduce the 37” support height to 36”, then a pair of 6 foot long 1x4 pieces of pine would be all you need for the support beam.



BTW, lumber comes in “nominal” sizes.  The MDF and the 1x lumber will actually be ¾” thick.  This means your support beam will measure either 4 ¼ square or 3 ½ x 5”, depending on which way you join them.


Internal “L” brackets can be used to attach the top and bottom to 3 of the 4 support sides.

L Bracket.jpg


Sanded down, primed and painted, these stands will look very nice.  If you plan on a stained or oiled finish look, then you will be buying better quality lumber, and joining pieces on edge to form the top and bottom pieces.  I also hope you plan on securing the speaker to the stand, since it will tend to be top-heavy and easily tipped.


As you can tell, I took some liberty in slightly changing your plan dimensions for ease of construction.  If you need to use the exact sizes you stated, then you will need to use a saw to rip 1/4" off each support board to get exactly 4" square.


I hope this helps. Thanks for joining the Community and please don’t hesitate to come back with more questions.



Best Answer

Posted 2011-10-18T21:13:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Seems Newf and I were responding at the same time. But here's my piece....


Based on your measurements, I drew up something that will come close to what you're after, using standard dimensional lumber sold at your local THD.


The base would be a piece of 1x12 (acutal measurements are 3/4 x 11-1/4). The riser portion would use four pieces of 1x4 ( 3/4 x 3-1/2) that are 37-1/2" each. The top would be a piece of 1x10 ( 3/4 x 9-1/4). Most THD have 4' lengths of 1x10 and 1x12, so you could easily make four of these stands with a 4' length of both sizes for the tops and bottoms.


Out of an 8' piece of 1x4, you can cut two of your 37-1/2" riser pieces. Your going to have just less than 21" of scrap. If you can find a decent 12' piece, you can get three pieces of the risers.


Overall, your base would be 11-1/4" square, your top would be 9-1/4" square and your riser would be 4-1/4" square and 37-1/2" tall. I added the extra 1/2" to make up for the base and top only being 3/4".

Speaker Stand.jpg


While not to the exact measurements you've given, it is reasonably close. If you have access to a table saw, you can cut the riser pieces with a 45° bevel. This would give you the ability to have the riser exactly 4" square and give a cleaner look to avoid having to deal with a seam. The seam can be eliminated with some filler and sanding if you are going to paint the pieces.

Posted 2011-10-18T21:44:02+0000  by Paul

Thank you so much, Newf and Paul!  I can't believe how fast you guys were able to help me - another reason I love shopping at THD.  I built "stand in" speaker stands to my specifications with plywood and untreated lumber, but I'm going to build them to Newf's specifications with my dad next spring as a Father's Day gift.  Thanks again, both of you - I've been out of the woodworking game for quite some time, so this is just the kind of project to get back into it!

Posted 2011-10-19T23:33:25+0000  by AVJunkie
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