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Building Jamb For Steel Entry Door

I was wondering what the building material recommendations were to construct a door jamb for a steel front door.  Door is very heavy and the MDF I'm currently using is bowing quite a bit and the door is hitting on the other side.  Not sure if I can correct this in the current solution.

It is getting difficult to close.

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Posted 2015-08-26T01:10:55+0000  by Hegersk Hegersk
MDF doesn't have a lot of structural strength and it doesn't handle exposure to moisture very well so it's probably not the best choice for  exterior door jamb.  Before you rip out the whole jamb, it might be possible to "beef up" the existing one.  The screws provided with most hinges are only about an inch long and going into MDF isn't going to provide a lot of holding power.  What I would suggest doing is replacing one or more of the screws on the jamb side of each hinge with longer screws.  You'll want to use screws about 2 1/2" - 3" long which will go through the jamb and and into the framing behind the jamb providing much more holding power.  For brass hinges a #8 (eight refers to the diameter the screw, the large the number the larger in diameter the screw) gold construction screw usually provides a pretty good color and size match.  For nickel hinges you can use a steel #8 sheet metal screw.  In any case, you want to pick a screw that sits flush with the hinge's surface so there are no issues with the hinges closing

Ideally there are shims behind the hinge so pick on of the screws closest to the center of the hinge to replace. 
When you drive the screws, you have to be a little careful not to distort the jamb.  So drive them until they're just snug, check how the door closes, and adjust.

If that doesn't solve you problem, we can talk about replacing the jamb.  It would be helpful if you could take a few pictures of the door (interior, exterior, and hinge side of the jamb with the door open).
Posted 2015-08-26T11:19:04+0000  by Adam444
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