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Project Ideas: Fun & Games

Building a Floating Basketball Hoop

Summertime fun in the sun with a Floating Basketball Hoop!


 Floating Basketball Complete.jpg


Tired of playing the same water games such as Marco Polo or Water Limbo, and then get the family & friends out of the house and into the pool for a game of basketball!


This floating game doesn't take long to build and the parts are inexpensive and available at your Home Depot with the exception of the Noodle & Ball, which you probable already have since you have a pool.


Skill Level- Beginner


Under/Over Rating- Under $50/Over 1hr


Tools and Materials



2- ¾” PVC tubing-10’ long

16- ¾” PVC 45 degree elbow

6- ¾” PVC Tee

10-12-Cable ties

5’- 3/8” PEX tubing

3/8” PEX tubing connector

Fish Net or Basketball Net

Pool Noodle



Step 1- Using a hack saw, cut the ¾” PVC tubing into the following lengths


3- 20” long

10- 9” long

 6- 4” long

 6- 2 ½” long


Step 2- Cut the pool noodle into equal lengths and slide over the 9” pieces of PVC.  This can be done with either a hack saw or utility knife.


Step 3- Attach the 8 elbows and 3 Tees, as shown below for the lower section.  Repeat this process, excluding the noodle for the upper section.  You should end up with two hoops.



Step 4- Slide the fishing net onto the 3/8th pipe.


  Step 5- Next, create a ring adding the 3/8” PEX tubing connector in the middle to allow both ends to attach.  See red arrow.


Step 6- Fasten the ring with the fish net to the hoop, using 10-12 cable ties.  See blue arrows.


Floating Basketball Hoop Step 3.png




Step 7- Lastly attach the upper section to the lower section.   The 3- 20” legnths of PVC will attach into the the 3 Tees.



Step 8- Play Ball!


Floating Basketball in pool.jpg




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Posted 2012-03-30T16:55:54+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI Angelo_HD_CHI

Haha   I always had one growing up but the only pain in the butt was if you missed and hit the rim it would flip over.

Posted 2012-06-30T13:27:21+0000  by AAriondo
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question