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Building a Fold-Out Desk-- Need Help With Hinges

Hi, I'm a novice DIYer, and the first thing on my project list is a fold-out desk for my bedroom. I've got the basic design down, but I'm getting confused as to the type(s) of hinges I would need and how to install them.


Here are the plans I drew for my design (I'm not an engineer or even a very good artist, so sorry if they suck): 





Yeah, so in case you couldn't read the measurements on the pictures, I have 42'' of wall space. I want the desk to be at least 20'' deep, and at least 27'' tall (the right hand side of the desk would rest on top of the filing cabinet). I have this idea for the left hand side leg(s) to be either all or part of a "picture frame" that would swing out when the desk is unfolded. Nevertheless, 6'' is the absolute farthest I want the folded up desk to protrude from the wall.


So here's my question: what kind(s) of hinges would I need and how would I install them to ensure the maximum amount of space saved?


Thanks for the help!


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Posted 2013-01-28T01:47:52+0000  by AwkwardPenguin AwkwardPenguin

I would use a piano hinge. It is very strong and it hides well with desks and other hide- away's. Piano hinges come in all diferent sizes lengths and colors. Here are some views. Hope this helps..

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Images of piano hinge



Posted 2013-01-28T03:46:42+0000  by bamaboy41
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