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Building a Gate for a Stone Archway



I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I live in a 100 year old home in the mountains and I have a really awesome looking stone archway in front of my patio (see photo  below). Unfortunately, because the archway is open, I not only get random animals hanging out on my porch, but there are always hikers walking by.....and I would like to be able to protect my patio furniture and my own animals from these unwanted visitors.


The archway is 48 inches wide. There used to be a short gate (about 35 inches high) in it many years ago (there are holes with rotted wood on one side of the arch where the hinges used to be, and a chain still attached on the other side. The previous gate was actually not a gate but a large wooden wheel, hinged on one side and tied up by the chain on the other).


Aside from building sets for theater productions, I don't have much experience with this type of stuff. What ideas do you have for a short gate that I could put in this type of environment and style (and could withstand snowy winters and autumn winds). 


I would really appreciate your input!






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Posted 2012-05-24T06:15:43+0000  by GypsyJ GypsyJ

Hi GypsyJ, welcome to the community. I love the look of the arch. I would have liked to seen the picture of the wooden wheel gate. If you have any old photos of the gate it would be great if you could post.


One idea is a gate made of aluminum or wrought iron that is powder coated for weather and wind considerations. I would consider a “Trento” style garden gate as it looks like your retaining wall is 2 feet and goes upward to 3 feet. This would be a nice progression and cover most of the arch.


A look of a mission style gate would be another great choice. This would give you a rustic style gate to go with the architecture of your home, but would need to be treated with a urethane coating to withstand the elements. The Home Depot has several companies that can provide and install this gate, depending on where you’re located.


Now let’s look at the install, this is where the types of gates would give you options for the installation;

You could use “wedge anchors” for the hinges, or a lag screw with a lag shield. Both of these options would need to be embedded into one side of your arch in the mortar joint. For more information check out Home Depot's project guides.


Another option is to use a “Gate hardware kit” with an epoxy in the mortar joint. This kit allows the gate to be mounted to the archway. You should first remove the rotted wood so you can use regular gate hardware.For more information check out Home Depot's project guides.


If you go in to your local Home Depot millworks department they can help you find several styles of gates.

 GardenGate1 (4).JPG

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can have a custom gate built, and even have a centerpiece on the gate to make it your very own custom gate.

Posted 2012-05-24T22:47:28+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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