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Building a Giant Wooden Stacking Blocks Game

Hey everyone! Today I'm here to bring you a quick tutorial on how to build a really fun game to play during any season! So weather it's nice outside and you're looking for a great game to play out in the yard with friends and family, or something to liven up the party on a rainy day-- Giant Stacking Blocks.


playing Jenga.png



Skill Level: Intermediate
Under-Over Rating: Under $30/ Over 1 hr.





Step 1: Cut Pieces




Giant Jenga setup


Using a saw, cut 72 pieces to 10.5" exactly. It's key that you keep them all the same size, or else you will end up with one crooked tower.


Step 2: Sand


After you have your planks cut, sand down the edges so that you remove any splinters.  You can also take this time to buff the edges as well if you really want to make it look nice.


Step 3: Position the Planks




Giant Jenga setup 02


Line up your planks in rows of 3 just like you see below and then start on your next row, position the planks in the opposite direction from the ones below. Keep stacking them up as you go!


We got ours to be about as big as me! Yes, we call the game Giant Jaynga here in our Chicago office. Feel free to use that when playing, I'd be delighted!



Giant Jenga



It's a game of skill and patience, so be sure to take your time!





We decided to play a round here on a really rainy day, and it made for great fun! Just be careful how many you pull off the tower though!

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Posted 2012-04-20T18:18:57+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI Jay_HD_CHI

Love giant Jenga! We followed these instructions and are having trouble getting our Jenga pieces to slide. We bought the smoothest 2x4's available and even sanded them. Any suggestions? I'm about to use furniture polish on them ;)



Posted 2015-09-02T21:44:02+0000  by CatLadyKim

Kim ( CatLadyKim)   We are going to be making our blocks soon. I have played this before but the wood was not stained or polished.  Try rubbing them with some wax paper , on the flat sides to add a little wax. I know you can do this on a plastic or metal slide to make it "slide" a little faster.  You wouldn't want the wood blocks to be too slick or have anything soak in and raise the grain.

Just some ideas ....


Posted 2015-09-08T17:46:38+0000  by okjewel
It also helps if you steeple the top of the boards a bit to reduce the amount of surface area that is actually touching the boards above it. Draw a center line down the length of the 2x4 and sand to the left and right of that line.  Not a lot, talking about 1 degree or so.
Posted 2016-11-02T12:53:40+0000  by RPGreg
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