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Building a Platform Bed

Mr.. Jay,


 My  husband and I fell in love with a platform bed and we want to construct it ourselves. However, we don't know how to go about it and we need some help... This is the bed we like:  we are just looking into the platform base not the night stands or headboard. And we thought it would be easier to construct it without an enclosure for the mattress? We will also need a materials list... Any Help?

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Posted 2012-05-16T15:05:46+0000  by korjuela91 korjuela91

This bed actually has a shallow recessed area for the mattress created by the sides.

If you look on the main community page, upper right, above the announcements, you'll see the search box. Search there for platform bed. You will find quite a few discussions on similar beds, some with plans. I believe the first one that shows up has at least two different beds similar to what you're looking for. If you come up completely empty handed, I can probably draw one up for you, given a couple weeks (it's called life away from the forum).

Posted 2012-05-16T18:49:19+0000  by Paul

Hello Korjuela,


Welcome to the community.


I just wanted to give you a couple of links to some previous posts that Mr. Jay and myself along with some help from our member Paul have done. The first one that came to mind is one of the longest running threads on the community. The other one is one that I did with BlakeTheDIYGuy.


There are quite a few posts already on the community on how to build a platform bed. Some with storage, lights and some that are high enough to accommodate a handicap person. So just like Paul said just put in platform bed in the search box and they should all come up for you to click on.


Let us know if you have any other questions. The community is always glad to help.

Posted 2012-05-16T19:58:19+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hey there korjuela91,


Thanks for joining our community!~


Glad to hear that we have another fan of platform beds! My colleagues here were nice enough to post up the links to our platform bed topic, which has a litany of information for you to browse through.


Since there wasn't a whole lot to go on information wise about the bed that you posted, I had to do a bit of digging to find some info on it. Since the platform is relatively standard, I would advise following one of the builds found in the how to build a platform bed topic. I know there are at least a couple that give you a material list and breakdown of the build itself.


The bed in question here is a 3-piece set with matching nightstands on each side.


The night stands are 7" H, 24" W, 18" D. The 7" H measurement can be adjusted based on how high you are building your platform bed up. All you have to do is make sure that it matches up with the bed itself.


The headboard is 26" H and is a double panel design, so that won't be difficult to put together at all.


I modified a version of a platform bed that we had discussed in the topic before and I added in the extra pieces for your particular build. Note: The drawing is not to scale so use it only as a planning design.




This particular build used crossed plywood pieces as the support pieces. However you can opt to build the traditional platform box and use that way as well.


Hopefully this helps give your mind working on how to tackle the project. Give us a shout if you have any other questions on it!~

Posted 2012-05-17T14:33:51+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Here is a simple design to accomplish the look you're after. No nightstands, no headboard, closed in bottom, sides all around.


Platform Bed 2.jpg

Platform Bed 2a.jpg

Platform Bed 2b.jpg

Shown here with the sheets of plywood removed and a bottom support hidden to show the detail. You'll notice the bottom supports are notched to accept the plywood that your mattress will sit on and are also notched to allow them to mate with their perpendicular counterpart.


The bottom supports are 2x6 and the horizontal sides are 2x8. Hope this gives you yet another idea on how to accomplish your vision.

Posted 2012-05-20T00:45:59+0000  by Paul
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