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Building a Wall

I bought a mobile home in which a want to put up temp. walls to create a bedroom in a room with a vaulted ceiling what to I do? How much will it run me?

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Posted 2010-11-08T23:04:01+0000  by Liz_Jonsmom Liz_Jonsmom

Hello Liz_Jonsmom,

I just had a couple of qualifying questions before we could recommend a few options for you.

1.       How temporary are they going to be?

2.       Do you want them to be a standard 2 X 4 construction or more of a room divider (light weight)?

3.       Do you want the walls to go all the way up to the ceiling or just a standard 8’ ceiling height with the top open?

4.       What kind of flooring are you putting it on?

Ok that should give us a good idea on what direction to point you in. Once we get a few answers we will be sure to give you a couple of great ideas. Thanks for your post.

Posted 2010-11-10T17:43:59+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Did you get an anwswer to your question?  I am in a similar situation and was wondering if you could share whatever information you recieved.

Posted 2012-01-16T15:59:38+0000  by pmat42

I am in a similar situation as the person who originally posted this question,  My guest may be semi-permanent, but I am interested in putting in a permanent wall to divide my kitchen from my livingroom.  as well as using a  temporary room divider.  Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Posted 2012-01-16T16:03:31+0000  by pmat42

need some tips on putting up a wall with a door

Posted 2012-03-18T17:30:06+0000  by bobby1
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