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Building a basic workbench

Hello everyone. New guy here. After looking on craigslist for a workbench and not really finding something I like, I have decided that I want to build just a simple workbench so I can build my own golfclubs. I am wanting it to have maybe 2 shelves underneath so I can store my supplies and toolbox. This will be my first time ever building anything from scratch as I am not to experienced building stuff. Does anyone out there have maybe a basic plan or where I might look to start?


Thank you 



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Posted 2011-12-31T20:13:49+0000  by wkilpatrick wkilpatrick

Mostly assembly but we are planning on being in this house for 20+ years.

Posted 2012-01-20T21:20:59+0000  by sshablak

Here is what we're after... Something like this:

Utility Bench1.jpg

To accomplish this we'll need the following

For the Bench Top:

  • 2 - 2x4x72 - Front and back 
  • 3 - 2x4x69 - Inner Spines
  • 2 - 2x4x28-1/2 - End pieces
  • MDF 72x31-1/2x1/2 - Bottom
  • MDF 72x24x1/2 - Top
  • Hardboard 72x24x1/4 - Sacrificial Top

For the Leg Assemblies:

  • 8 - 2x6x30-1/2 - Legs
  • 2 - 2x6x31-1/2 - Feet
  • 4 - 2x4x31-1/2 - Bench Top Mount / Shelf Support
  • 3 - 2x4x54 - Shelf Spines
  • MDF 57x20-1/2x3/4 - Shelf

For the Hutch:

  • MDF 69x10-1/2x34 - Top
  • 2 - MDF 22x9-3/4x3/4 - Ends
  • MDF 69x18-1/2x3/4 - Back
  • 3 - 1x2x9 - Top Spines
  • 1 - 1x2x67-1/2 - Front

Hardware needed:

12 - 1/2" Bolts, nuts and washers

1lb - 1-5/8" Coarse thread drywall screws

1lb - 2-1/2" Coarse thread drywall screws

#6 or #8 x1/2" Brass Wood Screws (at least qty 8 - to hold down sacrificial top)

Liquid Nails Heavy Duty or PL Premium Construction Adhesive


Starting with the top, you will need the front and back pieces and the inner spines. These are spaced 6" apart. You will also need the end pieces. These are all screwed and glued to the bottom of the bench top. It is very important that you construct this on as level a surface as possible. When selecting your lumber, the front, back, ends and inner spine pieces need to be as straight as possible. Once you have the pieces attached to the bottom, you can add the top. Again, screw and glue the top to the front, back, ends and inner spines. Allow the construction adhesive to fully cure before moving the bench top.

Utility Bench2.jpg


The leg assemblies are pretty straight forward. The only part that might prove a bit of a challenge is cutting the slots in the feet to allow the bench to be leveled. You will probably find it easiest to drill a couple of holes, allowing you to cut out the slots using a jigsaw.

Utility Bench3.jpg

The hutch assembly is pretty straight forward. The only thing you'll need to watch for is the notching of the end pieces. The front notch should be the height of the 2x4 spine plus the height of the MDF top plus the height of the sacrificial top. It should be approximately 4-1/4", while the back notch should be approximately 3-1/2". The hutch is held in place by the notches and the bolts. This allows it to be removed to have use of the entire surface for a big project.

Utility Bench4.jpg


All the parts and pieces are screwed together with the appropriately sized drywall screws unless shown with the 1/2" bolts, nuts and washers. Whenever you are screwing something together, that joint should also get some construction adhesive, with one exception. The sacrificial top should only be screwed down with the brass wood screws, four, evenly spaced along the front edge and four along the back edge.


Hope this helps get you started.


Posted 2012-01-26T02:59:57+0000  by Paul

Perfect.  I got my shopping list together.  I'll start shopping this weekend.  I'll make cuts but won't build till it gets a bit warmer.  Pictures will come as I make progress.

Posted 2012-01-27T01:33:22+0000  by sshablak
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