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Building Materials

Building a cube frame

This is my first time doing hands-on hardware stuff. The goal is to build a 15cm cube with steel frames. I found some angled frames that I can use at a local store, but they are too long. Here are my questions:

1. What is the best way for me to cut the frames into my desired sizes? This is most likely a one-time thing and I would like to minimize the cost as much as possible.

2. If I were to buy a grinder, what wheel material do I need to cut steel? Is it a good idea to get the cheapest grinder I find?

3. In order to put the frames together, my idea is to use some bolts and nuts. I would like the cube to be sturdy enough to survive when you drop it on hard surfaces. Do you have any other suggestions? 

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Posted 2015-07-28T21:06:10+0000  by henry514 henry514
Hi Henry514,

In most communities, you'll find metal fabricators who have every tool and supply required to cut and assemble one small cube.

I would recommend the cheapest route to produce a quality piece is to provide a fabricator measured drawings.

The cost of buying one-time use tools and supplies will likely surpass the contract cost from a fabricator.

If you still want to DIY:

You can purchase metal saw blades on most hand or power saws ... if you already own one.

Assembly could be with two-part epoxy strength-rated to 3,200 pounds per square inch of force.

And, inquire with your local Tool Rental Associate for short-term rent of any additional tools you may need.
Posted 2015-07-30T17:34:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Henry and welcome to the Community.

1)    If I were sure this is a one-time project and I am never going to use the grinder again, then I would you purchases the less expensive model.

2)    That being said the model of the grinder will determine the size and mounting of the cut off blade.  I would use general purpose metal cutting wheel.


3)    Without knowing what this cube is being used for, I can’t comment on how to construct it or put it together and if it will withstand any amount of abuse or impact.  If you would like to share more details and possibly photos I would love to elaborate more.


I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2015-07-30T17:46:38+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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