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Building a desk

I am in the process of building a 10' desk for my office.  I used three ten foot 2"x10"s for the desk top.  After installing the desk to brackets on the wall I have realized that the front board is significantly warped upwards.  About 3/4 of a inch over the length of the board so the front edge of my desk on the right side is 3/4 of an inch higher than the back edge.  Do you have any ideas on how I could pull that front edge down to be more inline with the rest of my desk?  My thought is to use angle iron to try to pull it down. 

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Posted 2012-05-29T13:52:46+0000  by ambrosierj ambrosierj

Can you post some pictures? There are a few different ways to accomplish what you want, depending on how everything is constructed.

Posted 2012-05-29T21:06:44+0000  by Paul
Since I've not heard anything I will suggest the easiest method to get rid of the bow. Simply replace the board with a new one.
Posted 2012-06-04T21:57:09+0000  by Paul
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