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Building a desk

desk 1.PNGdesk 2.PNGdesk 3.PNGdesk4.PNG


Basically, i dont know where to start. I designed this model using google sketchup, so if anyone needs the file to look at it more, i can send it. Everything in the model is drawn to scale by inches, so i can also send measurements. however, this model is not yet completed, only missing a few minor details. for example, there is supposed to be a small platform that the three tvs can rest on, just like the one tv above the ps4. so please if anyone can help me out as to how much wood i might need, what size wood, and how to cut it, i would much appreciate that. obviously im going to get everything done at a home depot store, i cant cut it myself. Thanks!

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Posted 2014-01-08T19:22:43+0000  by hbazzi12 hbazzi12

What materials do you want to use to build this desk?  Do you have any experience in woodworking?  What tools do you have?

Posted 2014-01-09T01:42:20+0000  by Adam444

i was planning on using wood for everything. i'm not sure on what type of wood though, but i know its not going to be plywood. it should be about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, and i have alot of experience with woodworking (built cages, shelfs, ect.). also, i have the basic tools for the job, that being a drill and screws. but if i need additional tools, i will purchase them.

Posted 2014-01-09T02:18:05+0000  by hbazzi12
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