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Building a partial wall

Last year I started renovation on a tandum garage, converting it into a livable space and I need some ideas on building a standard, non-load bearing, 2X4 wall that is 6 feet long (not the full length of the room) and 8 feet tall , has a door in it, and can be removed and replaced when neccessary but remains sturdy and strong when in place. The wall will be placed on a concrete floor, the ceiling has an incline of 1" per foot (starting at 8'), and the door needs to be placed on the end where the wall is the tallest.


Can this be done!?

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Posted 2011-08-06T02:54:12+0000  by KvnHmbrstn KvnHmbrstn

I am not sure of the neccesity of a door in your wall, perhaps you are wanting an opening that is wrapped in drywall ?

Anyhow, I will be glad to walk you through this.

Cut two 2x4's to 6 feet and lay them on the floor at the precise spot you desire your wall.

Mark on your "plates" the location of your opening, then cut a 2x4 at that measurement plus 3 inches. The board you cut will be your  "header"..

Either side of your opening will require a "jack", which will be cut at 81 and 1/2 inches. Each jack will also require a stud next to it, opposite of the door opening.

Starting at one end of your plates mark 15 1/4 inches, 31 1/4 inches, 47 1/4 inches and 63 1/4 inches. These are your stud "layouts". The layouts that fall in your door opening will be 2x4 blocks cut to whatever length you have between the top of your header and your ceiling.

Measure the distance between the top of both stacked plates and the ceiling at each "layout". This gives you  your stud lengths.

I suggest taking off at least 1/8th of an inch or preferably 1/4 of an inch from each measurement.

Nail your wall together and stand it where you wish it to be. Have someone hold it for you while you "tapcon" the bottom plate to the floor, making sure to not fasten the portion of plate that is in the doorway, but rather each end of the opening on the outside of your jack studs.

Once the wall is fastened to the floor simply plumb the wall, again having someone holding it for you and fasten it to the ceiling with a drywall screw at each end. Tap your top plate up untill it is tight to the ceiling.

If your wall falls inside of the ceiling framing you will need a few blocks in the attic btween the trusses to attach your wall to, if there is no access for blocking just screw the wall into the drywall ceiling.

When you "mud" the drywall on the wall the glues in the drywall compound will help hold the wall in addition to the screws.


Good luck,


Posted 2011-08-06T11:53:45+0000  by deerhuntindave



This link should take you to an album containing photos of the project I speak of. The photo captioned with "All but one piece to go" and the last photo shows where the wall will go, from the door to the blanket, hanging from the ceiling. The door in this partial wall will be the door to get into this room.

Posted 2011-08-06T15:58:38+0000  by KvnHmbrstn
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