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Building a patio using flagstone and river rock

Hello All,


I'm looking for some advice or even a thumps up on building a patio using flagstone and river rock.  Or something less expensive but still a good fit to go with the flagstone.  Basically maintenance free/less expensive.  My question is would I use the same steps I would use if I where making a patio using pavers? I am doing this by myself to save money so  Im determine to do this.  Thanks in advance.

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Posted 2011-06-24T19:35:15+0000  by fathertwosons fathertwosons

Hello fathertwosons,


Thanks for your flagstone question, and welcome to the community!


Pavers are a great way to spruce up a patio, and it's a topic that has come up frequently here. In choosing fieldstones, the look and upkeep is a great choice. In fact, there is little difference in the steps to build a bed for your patio as it would be for other types of pavers! As you stated, it's pretty much the same way that pavers are installed.


Our other DIY expert on here, shecandoit22shecandoit22.JPG just did some great basic steps with a video link on the how-to of paver installation, her link can be found here


I did a post on installing pavers as well a few months ago, and you can find the link showing the steps here


Finally, to get some extra tips and pizzazz on patio options, our in-house garden guru CoachDave gave a great post recently as well on installation, and that post can be found here


While there are a few more posts on here, these should get you started with getting the perfect patio for your budget.


Hope this helps you out,



Posted 2011-06-25T14:28:02+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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