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Building a room in my basement

I am trying to frame my basement walls around my basement windows. I am wondering how far away do you keep the studs from the foundation wall? Also, my windows are at the very top of my foundation wall and I am a little sketchy on how to frame above them. Do I need to add blocking along the top so I can have something to secure my top plates too when framing the wall since my floor joists are running the other direction? If so how do I secure the blocking to the band-board? Thanks for any input. 

It gives the option to add a photo but I can not add one. Any ideas on how to add photos?
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Posted 2017-02-01T18:36:35+0000  by harley23 harley23

Posted 2017-02-01T18:53:16+0000  by harley23
The first and most important thing to think about when finishing a basement is moisture.  Any issues there need to be addressed before finishing.  I would also recommend you look at a site called Building Science Corp. for best practices when it comes to insulating the space.  Understand too, that as soon as you finish a basement all building codes come into play and you should obtain permits for your work because not having the appropriate permits/inspections can create all kinds of problems down the road when you go to sell your home.

As for you walls, typically the top plate of the wall is nailed/screwed to the floor joists above.  For walls that run parallel to the joists but fall between them, blocking is added either below or between the joists.  As for the windows, typically a "return" is built.  Basically it's rectangular tube that goes from the face of the drywall of the new wall back to the window frame.  You want to be very careful with your measurements when it comes to framing the new wall to allow for the window return.


Posted 2017-02-04T01:41:29+0000  by Adam444
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