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Building a sign for a Church

Hi, I need some advice.


I'm constructing two parking lot signs for a Church in my town, and I've never designed anything before. I have some experience building with wood, but never designing.The working design is two square posts, with a large, rectangular surface in between that will have the Church logo and name painted on it. These posts will be mounted, and those mounts set in concrete that has been poured into two holes. Underneath the concrete is gravel.


That's the basic idea. But I still have questions.


For example, what kind of wood do I use? How do I treat is so that it will last for a long time? What is a good thickness for the posts?

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Posted 2011-07-19T18:48:18+0000  by PlaCom PlaCom

Hi there PlaCom and welcome to the community!


What an interesting project you’ve got there. Interesting and rewarding - you know your work is going to get some serious visibility.


Well, let’s get you started…

What  type of wood should it  be used?


I would recommend using cedar or redwood lumber for this project. These two species naturally resist insects, rot and decay they stain beautifully and are very easy to work with.

If you are interested more specifics on cedar and redwood lumber can be found HERE.


For the posts I would suggest using nominal 4”x4”s (actual 3.5”x3.5”), these post come in 8’, 10’,12’ foot lengths. We also carry decorative skirts and post caps for these posts that can be implemented in to your design.








For the sign backing (rectangular surface) you can use joined 2”x planks or plywood. You are probably better of using planks than plywood being that cedar and redwood plywood may not be even available (market availability) in ¾“thicker sizes. Rectangular surface can be attached in between posts, hung down (my choice) or placed over the posts.

I would personally place decorative top rail on top of two side posts and hang the sign down from the top rail.

Something like this;





Hope this gives you some ideas.




Posted 2011-07-19T21:09:43+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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