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Building an outdoor grill

I am wanting to build an outdoor grill for my new home.  I don't have ANY experience in doing anything like this but I don't have a lot of family or resources to go by.  I have an over abundance of slate (different shapes and sizes) and I am wondering would the slate be a good idea.  The foundation is a cement pad that can accomodate any size I am choosing to build.  


Is there someone out there that can give me not just some ideas but a specific plan?  Time is of no issue with me so if it takes a bit longer to build it is okay.


Thank you all in advance. 

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Posted 2012-09-13T08:53:38+0000  by justcallmemr justcallmemr

Hello justcallmemr, and welcome to the community!


This is a fun project that I'm sure you will enjoy for a long time. Head over to a post that  ChrisFixit responded to titled "The meanest, most awesomest grill of all time" and he will explain how to build it.


Regardless if your a vegetarian or carnivore, there's nothing like grilling anytime of the year.



Posted 2012-09-13T15:10:36+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

This helped a little but I am also wondering what type of bricks are good or bad and if they are unevenly cut how do I make them fit. 

Posted 2012-09-14T04:46:13+0000  by justcallmemr

When building a brick BBQ you use standard bricks and mortar, if you were building a brick BBQ for a restaurant then you would need commercial grade to handle the constant heat applied to the bricks throughout the day. In the matter of bricks being unevenly cut, don't worry about that, the mortar will fill in those edges.


Here is another source for building your grill, How to Build a Brick Barbecue.

Posted 2012-09-14T13:00:16+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

When you say "standard bricks" do you mean the red bricks?  So slate is not a good idea?  I have/had a retaining wall built with slate but the wall has shifted and I took it down and saved the slate and I was wondering if they could be used.  If not, are the standard bricks expensive?

Posted 2012-09-15T04:39:00+0000  by justcallmemr

Hi justcallmemr, slate will not work for this project, you want bricks with holes.  These are the same ones used to build homes, they are easy to find. Check your local Home Depot, or check your phone book under Bricks.  


Posted 2012-09-20T03:29:21+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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