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Building down the height of an existing header

I plan to install bypass doors to separate the master bathroom from the bedroom.  The finished opening is 60' x 85".  The doors we want to purchase are 60' x 85".  Obviously, I need to lower the header 5 inches.  What is the best way to do so that the weight of the bypass doors are properly supported? And, do I need to remove any of the existing finished sheetrock?


Help please....need to have it complete in about 2 wks.


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Posted 2012-12-24T16:13:45+0000  by McRod McRod

Sorry McRod i should have been more detailed with my initial response.


1) No you do not need to remove the sheetrock from the bottom of the header. You can simply screw the new stud right over the sheetrock.


2) You are not attaching the second stud to the first stud. Stud #2 is placed right on top of the door frame and its screwed to the vertical side studs aka jack studs. Basically you're boxing in the space above the door.







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Posted 2012-12-24T18:51:15+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Hi McRod,


I think you meant to say that door you want to purchase is 60" x80"?


With the existing header already in place you really don’t have to worry about the structural part and weight on top of the door being properly distributed.

This said to lower the header I would use two studs cut to the width of the opening.

I would nail/screw one stud to the underside of the existing header so that new drywall can be screwed in to something (instead of cutting it back-cornerbead) and one stud directly above the new door.


Stud going directly above the door can be installed after the actual door is in place. Basically you would fit the stud above the door and "toe nail" to the jack studs.




Posted 2012-12-24T17:00:36+0000  by George_HD_CHI

SteelToes you are absolutely right. The new doors will be 60"X80".   So if I understand correctly, I can use two 2x4's cut to 60 " (matching the width of the opening. ) 

Two questions:

1. When I screw/nail the first one to the existing header, do I need to remove the sheetrock frombottom or do I screw/nail thru the sheetrock?

2.  Two 2x4's will equal aprox 3"  in height.  Finishing the bottom w/sheetrock will only add 1/2" to 5/8" (depending on the thickness). How do I make up the difference?   Somehow I feel like I'm missing something. I'm trying to lower it a total of 5".

Posted 2012-12-24T17:46:31+0000  by McRod

Thanks for the visual.  That really helped.  This is perfect and simple.

Posted 2012-12-24T19:16:14+0000  by McRod
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