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Bunk Beds

My father had bolted my bed to the support beams in the wall of my room. Unfortunately, he had said that he was unable to unbolt them and put them back on ground level. But i feel like he is just being lazy. Is there anyone I can hire to unbolt my bed from my wall?? Help!

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Posted 2012-05-02T05:28:39+0000  by desmaster187 desmaster187

Hey desmaster187,


Welcome to the community!


Can I ask you a few questions regarding your bed?


+are they  bolted through the studs with a nut then the wall was finished? are they hex or carrage bolts?


+would you be able to describe the way it is fastened in the wall better or upload us a pic showing how it is installed?


This should be able to be removed with the right tools and know-how. Update us with your situation and we can get you the right solution to get the beds back to ground level. If you think this is something that may need a local handyman to do, you can check online for local contractors and handymen that can do the job for you. Always get a quote and 2nd opinion to know how much or little you'd be willing to spend. As stated eariler, this can be a DIY job if you let us know what size and how the bolts are fastened.


Please let us know,



Posted 2012-05-14T19:34:24+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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