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Bushes return policy

I bought three butterfly bushes last May 17 and they all died. Your website indicates a one year return policy on bushes and perennials (non-annuals). Your customer support told me the return policy is only 90 days. Can you confirm your policy?

Thank you!
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Posted 2017-04-18T00:39:08+0000  by AHHawks AHHawks

Hello AHHawks,

Yes, all of our landscape plants that are intended to grow for more than one year have an unconditional guarantee for 1 year.

Bring in the plant, or what is left of it, along with your original receipt as proof of purchase for refund or replacement.

The store can look up a transaction on a credit card, but only for the past 90 days. Your receipt is the key to proper credit for your plants.

Thank you for asking,


Posted 2017-04-18T12:29:10+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
Staple plant tags to store receipts if the plants are gauranteed

Greetings AHHawks,

Just as Travis stated Home Depot does offer a one year guarantee on non-annual plants. The cash register receipt must be present to validate the return  of all live goods. You will be refunded or your account will be credited and you can re-purchase a new plant to replace the dead one.

Just as the above image shows keeping all receipts and plant tags is a great practice, not only for proof of purchase, but to monitor a plants success with care and placement. I also suggest that customers take images of new planted plants, it will help see the growth rate and keep record of the plants survival.

No other company offers an unconditional, 1 year satisfaction guarantee, on non-annual plants, The Home Depot is the exception, we do have a few requirements...just your original receipt and plant remains, we credit you, and the you can get a new great!   Maureen
Posted 2017-04-18T14:14:12+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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