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Buy gas dryer or add 220v electrical socket for my electric dryer?

I recently moved into a new house that has a gas dryer set up.  I have an elecrictal dryer from my previous home. Do I spend the $135 to install the proper 220v electrical outlet that will allow my electric dryer to work, or do I sell my electric dryer and buy a gas dryer? What is more cost effective? What is safer? What is prefered in homes? What will be cause cheaper bills?



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Posted 2013-11-19T22:36:11+0000  by Dromano Dromano

First off you need to do more than install an outlet to get 240 volt power.  You would likely need to install a new circuit, which, if done by a licensed electrician, is likely to run more than $135.


As for "what's better" I've used both and both get my clothes dry.  I might believe that electric dryers dry a bit quicker but that may just be a function of the dryers I've used.  Cost of operation is going to be a function of local utility rates.  You could compare two dryers from the same manufacturer (most make the same model in gas and electric) and compare the cost of operation, adjusting for local utility rates.

Posted 2013-11-19T23:03:49+0000  by Adam444

Sorry forgot about safety.  I have an all natural gas house and never give it a second thought.

Posted 2013-11-19T23:04:42+0000  by Adam444

Thank you for the timely response!  There is a circit board a few feet away from where the dryer would be located, and they have many open slots to run a new electrical cable.  I had a licensed electrician come out and give me that $135 quote.....  


With that in mind, if the quote holds true would you recommend selling my dryer and purchasing a gas one or keeping my electric one and paying the electrician to install the necessary components to make it run?

Posted 2013-11-19T23:12:19+0000  by Dromano

$135 certainly sounds reasonable given you'll likely need a new breaker, wire/cable, and receptacle. 


As for what you should do, one thing that might influence your decision is the age of your electric dryer.  They don't last forever and can be costly to repair if you can't do it yourself.  On the flip side, I think gas dryers are somewhat more problematic than electric ones, just because there is more to go wrong with a gas dryer.


Posted 2013-11-20T01:56:05+0000  by Adam444
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