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C552HTT Hampton Bay ceiling fan light kit nut

I have a Hampton bay ceiling fan with a light kit and the light kit housing that threads into the 1/2" shaft at the bottom of the ceiling fan has broken off.  The housing itself is ok, but the integral threads that are stamped into the housing has broken.  
Can anyone tell me the type of threads that are on the ceiling fan shaft so I can buy a nut to hold the housing on? 
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Posted 2015-08-01T22:12:10+0000  by jtango jtango
Unlike the threads on iron pipe for plumbing which taper, the threads for lamps and fans are straight.  The two most common sizes for lamp parts are 1/8" IP and 1/4" IP (IP stands for iron pipe).  The 1/8" pipe has an outside diameter of about 3/8" and  the 1/4" pipe an outside diameter of about 1/2".  So if you're pipe is about  1/2" in diameter (it should actually be slightly more) then you're looking for a nut that fits 1/4" IP.

I've really never looked for lamp parts at Home Depot but I would suspect they are on a end cap in the lighting section.  Another option would be a regular hardware store.  I might suggest taking along the piece you're trying to put a nut on.

Posted 2015-08-02T01:09:30+0000  by Adam444
Hello jtango.  Welcome to the Community!

In the lighting section of a Home Depot store electrical department you will find a small assortment of lamp supply nuts.  It will look like these:

You can find them online here:  LINK

The largest pair are the 1/4 IP nuts Adam referred to.



Posted 2015-08-04T15:15:26+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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