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CLUELESS about paiting bathroom tile!!!

Hi yall! so I was online today looking for paint colors and I LEARNED that you can paint bathroom tile???? OMG. so Im excited to know this but completely clueless as to what to buy, how to even start, is it going to last, etc. do I just buy the Tub and Tile kit? is this enough? I have yellow and black tile in my bathroom, a green tub and everything else is white (in the house im renting) but im sure the owners wouldnt mind if I "fix" this lol

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Posted 2012-08-23T22:33:00+0000  by BoredTenant BoredTenant

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Glad to hear you're excited to start the project. Painting tile is a do-able project, but you'll want to make sure that you have the right materials to work with. In a similar topic: type of paint or glaze for ceramic tile I addressed this very question for another user. As you can see from the reply, Epoxy is the best type of covering for this job as it's what will ultimately stand up the longest. While limited in colors available, this will make sure that your paint job lasts. While I will recommend this product, I would still urge you to contact the homeowner first before going on with this job, as you can never be too sure if what you're improving is quite an improvement to them.  = )


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Posted 2012-08-24T13:29:19+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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