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Cabinet Install Contractors or DIY?


I have some friends who are getting ready to do some work on their kitchen and bathroom cabinets and I was thinking of helping out in order to get the experience before my wife and I upgrade ours in a few months.

Wondered it we shouldn't try to do this ourselves and to hire a professional instead. Another friend said great things about a pro that a coworker recommended "Clark Cabinets and Installs". He works in the Dallas/OK/AR areas and is supposed to be reasonable. They already decided they wanted to use J&K and this guy seems to be a vendor of that brand too.

If we were to try to do this ourselves, what are the best forums to help guide us other than the obvious YouTube videos? Is this forum a  good resource for DIY? Or, should we really be shopping around quotes from outfits like Clark Cabinets, etc.? 
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Posted 2016-10-03T16:20:17+0000  by skiphunt skiphunt

Hello Skiphunt,


Welcome to the how-to community. We are always here to help.


Cabinets are not that tricky to install as long as you have some basic installation skills.

You’ll need to know basics such as leveling, squaring, scribing along with the how to use some power tools like a table saw, circular saw, and a drill. Just to name a few. YouTube is definitely a good starting place to learn the basics but if none of you already have the basic DIY skills you may not want to take on such a big project right off the bat. I think I would consider looking into the other options that you mentioned.

You also have to consider that you may run into some other hidden surprises when you take the old cabinets down. Like damaged drywall, plumbing or electrical issues all of those have to be fixed prior to the new cabinets going in. Like any DIY job it can and most of the time will create more work than you anticipated.  

So if you think you are up for taking the kitchen/bathroom remodel on we will be here if you have any questions.

Let us know if you’re going to DIY it we would love to help if needed.


Posted 2016-10-07T22:50:59+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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