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Cabinet Refinish?

We are looking to remodel our kitchen on a tight budget.  Our cabinets are in decent shape for being over 20 years old.  But there are some places that are a bit water damaged and just overall worn.  Is there a product we can use to freshen up the finish?  Or do we need to sand them down and refinish them all together?  Thanks!

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Posted 2010-11-13T23:42:10+0000  by Jomyke Jomyke

Wanted to add that they are oak cabinets in a medium color stain...

Posted 2010-11-13T23:43:22+0000  by Jomyke

Hey Jomyke.

These days we are all on a budget, and fortunately that is what we specialize in. I am going to attach a video it gives us an idea on how to refinish. It however does not put enough emphasis on how thorough to be with the sanding.


When refinishing the cabinets I would recommend removing the doors and hardware. We are sanding these doors completely because if any clear sealer is left on the door then the stain will not penetrate the wood. Once sanding is complete there will be dust everywhere. Get a tack cloth and wipe down doors thoroughly, removing dust to give us a smoother finish.


There are many great shades of stain we can go with. Because your cabinets are already stained, the color stain you choose will appear darker. I would recommend sanding the inside of a door so it can be used as a place to test the stain to ensure we have the color we want.


Now that we are done staining, we will apply two coats of clear sealer. Once we have applied the first coat of sealer, it is recommended to lightly sand the first coat with a very fine grit sandpaper after it has completely dried. This will give us a smoother finish. I would really recommend dropping a few extra bucks on a good brush, this will insure a smoother finish as well. Be sure to wipe the doors off thoroughly after sanding with a damp rag. once dry then apply your second coat.


It sounds like we have some work on our hands. This can seem like a daunting task, but you can do it, and I am sure it will look great. Just in case, The Home Depot is in the cabinet re-facing business. Here is a link for that. Good luck and welcome to the community.



Posted 2010-11-14T15:34:40+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thank you very much for your reply!  I think I will look into your refacing service as I know doing it myself will be alot of work.  Either way, I know my kitchen will look great in the end.  Thanks again!

Posted 2010-11-15T13:38:02+0000  by Jomyke
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