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Cabinets stain

I would like to know what I need to stain kitchen cabinets. Thanks!

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Posted 2011-08-22T20:12:41+0000  by vpedro vpedro

Start off by sanding with 150 grit sand paper then move up to 220. when it is nice and smooth use an oil based stain and put an even coat let stand for a couple minutes (the longer you let stand the darker it will be) then lightly wipe of excess with a lintless cotton rag. Let the stain dry as indicated in instructions. when the stain is dry use an oil based clear coat applied with a good oil based brush ( i prefer a purdy oil based brush myself) Put an even coat moving in one direction only. If you are not satisfied with look after you let it dry you can take 220 sandpaper or lighter and very lightly sand the clear coat so the second coat will bond properly. After you let it dry youre ready to go. I hope this helps.

Posted 2011-08-23T20:46:31+0000  by thetexasjerm

Hey there vpedro,


thetexasjerm gave some awesome input on going about this. Thanks jerm!~


Foodieken also gave a response to your other cabinet query, which you can view -> here!


PatInPaint also did a great video that demonstrates staining methods as well. Watch it -> here! He also displays Polyshades stain, which is my personal recommendation as well. It's a stain and polyurethane in 1. It works great!~


Hope these links help you get started and post up pictures of your project as you go if possible. We'd love to see how it turns out = )

Posted 2011-08-25T20:34:50+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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