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Cali King bed headboard

Please help I was wanting to make a headboard for my bed and I have one in mind here is picture to get a better idea of what it is that I need help with.HEADBOARD.jpg

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Posted 2013-04-03T03:59:39+0000  by coreygroves coreygroves

Looks fairly simple. Few ways of going about it but larger question is is it permanent or something you are going to move? Easiest way to create the headboard is to mount the planks to a piece of plywood about 1/" to 3/4" smaller than the finish width and height (At least 1/2" thick). If it is a permanent mount, screw the plywood to the wall (into studs) first. Then mount the planks using a level on the first course and attaching them to the ply with finish nails. Tounge and groove planks will give the best resistance against warping and are available in thinner planks but it can be done with one bys as well. If it is to be moved, mount the planks to the plywood first.  From there I would reccomend using what is referred to as a french cleat system to hang it. They are sold in the hardware isle with the picture hanging hardware. Get the longest ones possible and probably use 3 across the top  third of the plywood back. Instructions are easy to follow. As for the lighting behind I would suggest rope lighting available in the electrical department in varying and expandable lengths. The headboard does not need to be connected to the actual be as it can be mounted first and then the bed set against it. 

Posted 2013-04-04T05:57:25+0000  by jarod
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