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Camphor Armoire Restoration

Hello, I bought an old armoire at a yard sale yesterday. It needs new hinges and the wood is not in the best condition. Inside of it there is a silver plate that says Camphor.  I guess that is the type of wood it is made of. Is anyone familiar with it? Is it ok to sand and paint? What kind of paint is safe to use on this wood? Any info would be greatly appreciated, I am clueless!  Thanks

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Posted 2012-10-14T10:48:34+0000  by remarie remarie

Howdy remarie,


The camphor tree is an evergreen that grows so slowly that it takes 50 years or more before one becomes large enough to distill camphor from its bark. In that time, the tree can reach 100' tall, with the spread of its branches frequently double its height. A mature tree also develops many large burls and makes for very expensive paneling.


Camphor wood is an exotic wood that can be sanded, stained, painted, and polished easily.


Here are the simple steps to painting your Camphor Armoire;


1. Remove the drawers, doors, and hardware. Remember to mark their order with a piece of tape on the bottom and a number. I usually take photographs or notes so I know how it should look.


2. Sand the piece lightly and remove the dust (both new and old furniture should be sanded).


3. Prime the entire piece evenly and let dry. For the drawers, mask-off the inside side rails so that the primer only touches the drawer front. Put a tarp on a countertop or a work bench, and then set the drawers on it with the front over the edge. This makes it easy to work in a standing position.


4. Lightly sand the entire piece again to remove any raised wood fibers and remove the dust.


5. Always paint furniture from the top down because if any paint gets on the bottom of the piece, it will be covered with the final coat.


6. Apply more coats as necessary, depending on the chosen color. Once the piece is completely dry (two days for oil-based paint), replace the hardware and slide the drawers into position.


Happy Painting,

Posted 2013-05-23T19:24:06+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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