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Can I have a paint color changed on paint I bought several years ago?

Several years ago I bought gallons and gallons of paint from Home Depot for our home we were building, but for some reason or another, the paint color turned out wrong so, we haven't used it.  Is it possible after all this time to have the color altered to make the paint usable?

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Posted 2013-11-25T01:12:07+0000  by michinyoja michinyoja





The first question is if your paint is still good? If you have had it stored in a temperate location and the cans have not been opened, they should still be good.


As to whether their color may be alterred? Yes, to some degree.The question is how much? Your Home Depot paint associate can look at the existing formula and the formula of the color you wish to reach and make a judgement as to if it is possible. Generally, large swings either lighter or darker are not easy to do. Also, it is far easier if you are staying in the same or similar color family. Certain colors have been dulled with lamp black or raw umber colorants. It is almost impossible to "un-dull" a color without further diluteing it with more paint.

As stated, bring a gallon of your paint to HD to see what may be posible.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-25T05:32:16+0000  by ordjen
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