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Can I install a ceiling spotlights with a regular extension?


I'd like to install a ceiling spotlights in my living room. However, the room doesn't have the hole in the ceiling with wires to make the electrical connections.

I'm thinking of connecting it to a 5 metres' extension, one end in the spotlight and other end into the socket. The wires of the extension would be exposed, outside the wall, but that's no problem for me.

I'd like to know if I it would be dangerous and if I could use a 2-wire cable, a regular extension (without ground) or I have to use a 3-wire cable (with ground)??

Thank you in advance!

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Posted 2015-03-16T23:28:31+0000  by wallacear wallacear
As far as the electrical code is concerned, a fixture like you show is meant to be attached to permanent household wiring, not an extension cord.  Can you attach extension cord, sure.  Should you attach an extension cord, no.  Remember that mistakes with electricity can and do cause property damage, personal injury, and even death.  If you have the slightest doubt about what you are doing, please hire a licensed electrician.

You'd be far better off using a surface mount raceway like Wiremold.  Then you can comply with the electrical code and have a safe installation.

The raceway was painted to match the ceiling and wall colors and disappears pretty well.

As an aside, the 3-wire cable you show above appears to be type NM-B.  That particular cable is meant to be run inside of walls and not used as an extension cord.

Posted 2015-03-17T00:25:40+0000  by Adam444
I thought it would be the same logic as this one:

I'll hire a licensed electrician to do that.

Thank you very much for your help!
Posted 2015-03-17T05:52:23+0000  by wallacear
In most cases an electrician should be able to get the wiring in the wall, unless you have something like a concrete ceiling (like in a condo).

The Ikea product is meant to be used to build a lamp.
Posted 2015-03-17T21:31:04+0000  by Adam444
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