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Can I make flat paint into gloss?

What I want to know is this:  My walls are painted with flat paint, except for the kitchen and bathroom.  In areas of other rooms, especially around light switches and doorways, every handprint and smudge seems to be a beacon!  They are just so obvious! I have a lot of the flat paint the painters left when they finished and I want to know if there is something I can mix into it to convert it to a semi-gloss finish that I could then use for a second coating in those messy areas?  I am single with teenagers and need all the help I can get in keeping up with and preventing messes!


Thank you anyone who can help me with this!


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Posted 2012-02-26T03:26:43+0000  by brookie brookie
I absolutely love & swear by Krud Kutter!!
I even use it on laundry to get stains out!
If you spray it on a painted surface, do not leave it on too long or it will remove the paint.
It will get out dried acrylic or latex paint. It will get blood out or blueberry juice stains out too. I cannot say enough good things about this product!
Posted 2013-06-27T06:23:52+0000  by Amaahfuz
just answer the question every body can she turn a flat paint into a satin? every one is talking about other subjects
yes lady you can you can change a flat paint into a satin just buy the same color of paint in a high gloss and mix it together
keep adding high gloss paint little by little into the flat until you get the gloss you are looking for.  don't mix latex with oil base paints I don't know their reaction but common sense they're made with different chemicals.
Posted 2014-12-01T02:50:00+0000  by saladillo
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