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Can I paint a vanity top?

Hi, my first time.  To replace my bathroom "banjo" vanity top would be about $600.  It's fine, with only a small crack at the sink drain.  But I hate the color and swirled design. I would like to know if it's possible to just paint it, after fixing the crack. (And have it look good!) Not like it was painted.  Thanks

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Posted 2014-02-04T00:08:20+0000  by lite lite




 An intelligent answer requires a few questions first:  What is a "banjo"vanity top? What is its construction,  molded plastic composite?  Porcelain? Laminate with separate sink? Is the crack merely a hairline crack that is still water tight? A picture and dimensions might be helpful.


Home Depot does have a few products that might be of assistance, but in terms of long term durability, especially with a crack to fix, you might not be satisfied with the results.


Frankly, with a budget of up to $600, you could probably replace the entire vanity and top for less. HD has genuine granite tops with undermounted porcelain sinks already mounted for just over $200!  Also, at times during the year, especially well priced "special buy" vanity and top combos are offered on sale.



Posted 2014-02-04T04:14:29+0000  by ordjen

Hello lite!


Based upon your description, "small crack at the sink drain ... and swirled design," it sounds like you have a faux marble vanity top.


The damage you see is very common ... and often occurs when drain cleaner is left in the bowl for long periods of time. These caustic products are designed to be flushed after no more than ten-minutes.


Once damaged, recovering the exact color can be a challenge.


However, fiberglass bondo or the epoxy putty stick for plastic will usually make a satisfactory repair on that unsightly crack.


Once the repair has cured, lightly sand the spot until smooth and polish the vanity top and bowl with Gel Gloss.


Two or three applications of this product will bring back the "showroom shine."


As for painting cultured marble, there are products in the marketplace, but most will age and discolor after ongoing exposure to disinfecting bathroom cleaners.



Repair the crack(s) and polish the vanity ... then wait until your budget allows remodeling the bathroom.



Although you will find products at The Paint Pit (paint dept.) labeled for sink repair, upon close inspection most are labeled for repair of porcelain sinks ... but do not say for repair of cultured marble sinks.

Posted 2014-02-04T13:39:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 I originally asked about the description "banjo"because a non-standard size configuration might  preclude use of a standard size vanity top. If indeed, it is a standard size, cultured marble or porcelain look composite tops can be had for as little as $100. Many are stock in the Home Depot stores. The online catalog has dozens of tops available, as well as top vanity combinations at special pricing.


It would seem "penny wise and pound foolish" to invest $40 or so for an epoxy based sink paint when a whole new top could be had for very little more. Also, a proper finish job would require removal of the faucet and drain assembly. If you are willing to do this, why not just change out the sink?


Patching of the crack without a covering of paint would most likely "stand out like a sore thumb". If it is water tight, just leave it.


I would agree with Pat in the use of Gel Gloss. I have used this product for years with great success. It does a great job on fiberglass and composite plastic materials. The semi-paste liquid in the can works much better than the the spray can version. For serious buffing, there are rubbing compounds especially designed for fiberglas and plastics.  In areas with hard water, often a serious buffing is in order.


A quick aside: many composite tops have discoloration around the drain because the drain was set with plumbers putty. Plumbers putty leeches yellow, oily stains ointo the surrounding plastic. There is now a non-oil based putty made especially for setting drains in composite sinks.

Posted 2014-02-04T17:33:33+0000  by ordjen
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