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Can I paint an electric range hood?

Trying to sell an outdated apartment.  Don't have a lot of dollars to put into it, so doing as many cosmetic updates as I can myself.  The range hood is that old yellow color and doesn't match the white appliances - Is this paintable?  Is there a spray paint I can use to make the hood white?  thank you! 

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Posted 2011-05-03T00:30:56+0000  by TheaterGirl TheaterGirl

Good Day Tgirl!


Your solution has two easy steps:


1) Use TSP to clean and degrease the hood; and

2) Use Rustoleum Appliance Spray Paint to change the color.




One can provides approximately 15 square feet of coverage.


The application instructions on most spray products recommend "several light coats" with about an hour dry time between coats. Since this is a special product, be sure to review the instructions before beginning.


Your hood will match those white appliances in no time!


SPECIAL NOTE: Although the instructions do not require that you sand the surface, you can promote adhesion by buff sanding with 600-grit sandpaper. Buff sanding simply breaks the gloss on the surface without scratching the metal.

Posted 2011-05-03T13:57:52+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Yay - thank you!!!

Posted 2011-05-06T14:35:46+0000  by TheaterGirl
1) would I need to use a primer first and then a sealant after spraying the Rustoleum appliance paint? (2) is there a PAINT on alternative to spraying? Thank you
Posted 2012-11-01T22:55:51+0000  by w8ncme

Thanks for the additional inquiry W8ncme!


According to the manufacturer, Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy does not require primer and when dry the sheen is gloss.


So, simply use TSP and 000 Steel Wool to prep the surface. Rinse with water and wipe dry with a terry towel. Allow to dry completely ... several hours a room temperature. Then spray three light coats with about 30-minutes between coats. Then allow to dry a minimum of two-hours before handling. No protective coating is needed.


Finally, there is a brush-on version. But spraying is likely the best way to obtain a very smooth finish.


NOTE: Each spray can of this interior-only product covers about fifteen square feet. Clean-up with mineral spirits.

Posted 2012-11-06T14:49:46+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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