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Can I paint overwallpaper?

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Posted 2013-12-05T16:31:23+0000  by sherrilynnev sherrilynnev

Hello sherrilynnev!


This is a very common question for DIYers ... and the answer is Yes!


Most wallpaper is hung using water-based adhesive between the paper and the wall.


The first step in your job requires that you use an oil-based primer to prevent re-wetting that adhesive.


Once the primer dries, you can use any topcoat ... most use two coats of water-based paint.



1) Improve your project by first skimming a very thin coat of sheetrock mud over the wallpaper joints.


Allow the mud to dry and lightly sand until smooth.


2) Ask your Paint Associate to tint your primer to be similar to your new paint color.


This allows you to add your first coat of color while priming and improves "hide" when you switch to paint.



Applying water-based primer or water-based paint directly over wallpaper often causes the adhesive to release, forming bubbles under the wallpaper or allowing the wallpaper to fall off.


Neither is easy to repair, so stick with oil-based primer to prevent creating secondary repairs.

Posted 2013-12-05T17:47:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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