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Can I put Mosaic Title over laminated back splash

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Posted 2014-01-15T02:19:07+0000  by nancy_booker nancy_booker

Hey nancy_booker,

Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


I have good news for your can place mosaic tile over the existing backsplash! You will need to use a product that is suitable for bonding not only the tile, but also holding it up permanently to the laminate.


That product is shown below. It is called The SimpleMat. I've personally used it on refinishing a coffee table I did a while ago and it is the absolute best product to use for situations like yours.


Be sure to click on the image of it below for detailed information and pricing.


The SimpleMat essentially works as sheets of sticky double-sided epoxy. Since the glue is set on sheets of plastic, any water will not penetrate through it once it has been installed correctly. Simply peel off the back side of one sheet, and install over the laminated backsplash.


Below is an image of tile going over an existing wall. It's really as simple as the name suggests!

Using any other product like mortar will require you to tear out the laminate; SimpleMat simply goes over it. As long as the surface is clean and not loose, your tiles will successfully be installed on top of them using this product.


Once you install the mosaic tiles you like, you are ready to grout the tiles, thus saving you a day's work since this product is ready. Unlike messier mastics and mortars that take hours and hours to dry, the SimpleMat works instantly to bond your tiles.


After grouting, be sure to use a tile sealer for your tiles and grout to ensure they are being protected by water and food spills.


Let me know if you have any further questions regarding your project. And if you can, upload an image to see your handywork after you are finished!




Posted 2014-01-15T14:42:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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